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Consumer Products & Medical Devices

We help people recover their losses from injury due to defective devices & faulty consumer products.

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We have over 25 years fighting big companies to get the proper compensation for our clients.

The Dunken Law Firm – Mass Tort Cases

At the Dunken Law Firm, we help victims receive financial compensation for any harms incurred due to the negligence of a company and its dangerous products. Despite clear evidence of severe side effects or other unintended injuries, some products continue to be sold by manufacturers insisting that they are safe for regular use.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries due to the use of a dangerous product, please contact us immediately to discuss your case. Your case is likely not the only one – and by filing a civil action known as a mass tort case, you may be eligible for significant compensation for your damages.

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What is a Mass Tort?

A mass tort is a civil action that involves multiple people suffering some sort of harm due to the negligence of one or several companies or parties. The most common types of mass tort cases include:

  • Pharmaceutical cases – claims involving drugs that result in severe, dangerous side effects
  • Defective or dangerous product claims – those which involve injuries or even deaths that are caused by defective or otherwise dangerous products
  • Environmental torts – claims in which one company indirectly causes injuries to people through actions which damage the environment

Mass tort cases are similar to class action suits in the quantity of people involved, but in a mass tort, each person is considered an individual plaintiff that must prove their own case. By contrast, in a class action, the entire body of victims is considered one plaintiff.

Mass Tort Cases We Handle

At the Dunken Law Firm, we handle multiple types of mass tort cases, but we specialize in cases involving:

  • Monsanto, the manufacturer of the popular weed killer, has come under fire for its alleged link to cancer. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, has been linked to the development of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, an aggression cancer of the lymph nodes. If you or a loved one has developed cancer after regular, repeated use of Roundup, contact us immediately to discuss your options for compensation.
  • Hernia Mesh. Many manufacturers of synthetic hernia meshes has been the target of civil suits due to defects in these products. Intended to provide support in surgeries to repair hernias, many synthetic varieties of the mesh have either failed, migrated, bundled up, and have otherwise been rejected by the body. This results in adverse side effects such as pain, infection, scar tissue, intestinal blockage, and more – leading to additional surgeries in order to relieve the situation.
  • IVC Filters. Patients who are at risk of blood clots in the lungs (a pulmonary embolism) frequently get IVC filters installed in their heart to catch any potential clots before they reach the lungs. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received thousands of adverse reports of specific brands of IVC filters fragmenting, migrating, or otherwise failing inside of the body – causing severe health effects including hemorrhaging and death.

In many of these cases, the manufacturer of the products in question maintain that these products are safe for use, with no known links to detriments in health – despite the evidence to the contrary. We believe that, in refusing to accept liability for their mistakes, these companies are acting in a careless, negligent manner, and deserve to be punished under the fullest extent of civil law.

How We Can Help You

At the Dunken Law Firm, we are committed to using our experience in mass tort law to secure a settlement or verdict on your behalf. We only specialize in mass tort cases, so we have comprehensive knowledge of the process and procedures necessary to help you through your case. This includes:

  • Gathering all relevant accounts under one suit to strengthen your case
  • Understanding the requirements necessary to substantiate your claim
  • Using our resources to determine the full value of your claim
  • Filing all necessary paperwork
  • Defending your injuries and damages on your behalf

We are here to take care of all the legal responsibilities while you can focus on healing and recovery.

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If you or a loved one suffered damages due to a defective or dangerous product, you deserve compensation for your injuries – and the manufacturer and other associated parties deserve to be held accountable for their negligent actions.

Contact us today to discuss you case, and let us help you receive the maximum possible compensation for your needs.

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